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arachnoid cyst

1.   蛛网膜囊肿  [Simplified Chinese 简体]

zhū wǎng mó náng zhǒng [Pinyin 拼音]

蛛網膜囊腫 [Traditional Chinese 繁體]

Standardized term ⇒ China National Committee for Terms in Sciences and Technologies

规范词汇 ⇒ (中国大陆) 全国科学技术名词审定委员会

2.   蜘蛛膜囊肿  [Simplified Chinese 简体]

zhī zhū mó náng zhǒng [Pinyin 拼音]

蜘蛛膜囊腫 [Traditional Chinese 繁體]

Standardized term ⇒ Taiwan, ROC National Committee for Educational Research

規范詞匯 ⇒ (台灣 / 中華民國) 國家教育研究院