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1.   甲状旁腺功能亢进  [Simplified Chinese 简体]

jiǎ zhuàng páng xiàn gōng néng kàng jìn [Pinyin 拼音]

甲狀旁腺功能亢進 [Traditional Chinese 繁體]

Remarks: Standardized term as ratified by China National Committee for Terms in Sciences and Technologies (CNCTST). 注:由中华人民共和国全国科学技术名词审定委员会审定的标准医学词汇

2.   副甲状腺机能亢进  [Simplified Chinese 简体]

fù jiǎ zhuàng xiàn jī néng kàng jìn [Pinyin 拼音]

副甲狀腺機能亢進 [Traditional Chinese 繁體]

Remarks: Preferred term in Taiwan. 注:台湾选用